JJ Arsenault

Writer, Poet &
renaissance man

Writer JJ Arsenault

I’ve been writing for the better part of 25 years. I write poetry, novels, comics, and the occasional rant about politics and culture.

I am also a web designer, illustrator, and builder. I’ve been known to practice Chen Style Tai Chi. And in the autumn I stalk the interior Mountains of British Columbia hunting for elk.


Current Projects

Future King

The above image is generated by AI. I think AI generated art is very cool. But I also think human generated art is still superior and way cooler. As soon as time and budget allow I will employ a human being to create artwork for this project.

Future King

A feudal punk telling of the fabled return of King Arthur to fulfill his destiny to free humanity from the shackles of a future corporatocracy.

The first draft is nearly complete as of February 2023.

Some stats for people into that kind of thing:

  • The story’s been in my head since I was a teenager.
  • The comic/novel outline was started 12 years ago.
  • There are 6 issues of comic script written.
  • The novel’s first draft has taken me around 15 months to write.

Sample works

Winged Friend – Poem 1998

God Favors the Rebel – Poem adapted to Comic – 1998 – 2013

Future King – Novel – Sample Chapter 4 – 2012 – Current

More writing samples coming soon